Succession planning

Parting with your company is never easy. After all, you have put your heart and soul into it. So you want to be properly prepared when the time comes, and you want to be able to transfer the company without fiscal problems.

Our services

The advisers from Mazars can help you with your company succession, whether long-planned or taking place as a matter of urgency due to current circumstances. We can provide assistance such as drawing up and implementing a step-by-step plan for the takeover (in conjunction with a notary, for example). Everything we do is done in close consultation with you, the entrepreneur.

A feel for your business

We understand that letting go of your company is painful. Particularly in family firms, company succession can be an emotional matter. Mazars' advisers have a feel for your business and will help you arrange the handover in such a way that you can transfer your company with confidence.

Maximizing returns by working together

The company succession experts at Mazars strive to maximise the returns from a takeover for your company. We do this by:

  • Working closely with other professionals involved in the takeover.
  • Making use of complementary services.
  • Employing a no-nonsense but empathetic approach and empathy.
  • Getting your company into shape for a new owner in terms of structure



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