Transfer pricing

As a company, you aim to limit the risks associated with transfer pricing as far as possible. You want to comply with the international rules and prevent disputes. As such, transfer pricing is an important part of your risk management. Mazars will help you limit the risks of transfer pricing.

Transfer pricing for your company

The pricing of international transactions within a multinational company is becoming ever more complex. Most countries have their own transfer pricing legislation. In some cases, these tax rules can change significantly with little or no notice. It is therefore important to understand what transfer pricing involves and what it entails for your company.

A quick-scan of your company will help you:

  • Quickly catalogue and resolve the relevant issues for your company
  • Comply with international regulations and legislation
  • Save costs

Support with all aspects of transfer pricing

The experts at Mazars know exactly what the consequences of transfer pricing are for your company, whether the issue is pricing between international sites, the transfer of intangible assets or cross-border financing. Mazars will help you apply the transfer pricing rules in such a way that they are advantageous for your company. We offer support in areas including:

  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • Due diligence
  • Acting as an intermediary in disputes with the Tax Department
  • Advance pricing agreements
  • Risk management (tax assurance)
  • Benchmarking studies

A regular contact person

We always work closely with you in order to ensure that the transfer pricing rules are applied properly in your company, and always with a regular contact person who knows your company through and through. After all, there is no standard solution for transfer pricing. Exactly what the risks of transfer pricing are depends on the nature and structure of your business. That's why it is essential to work with someone who knows your company intimately.