Tax compliance and outsourcing

"Assistance in the preparation of Dutch and foreign tax returns in cross-border activities" Are you active abroad with your Dutch company or do you intend to be so? Then you are faced with various foreign tax formalities and reporting obligations. Think of the obligations in terms of payroll, sales and income tax. Foreign companies carrying out activities in the Netherlands also have to deal with this. You do not want any surprises. The advisers from Mazars will take your worries completely out of your hands.

Foreign operations by a Dutch company

As a Dutch company with foreign operations, we will assist you in the following situations with taxation and tax obligations:

  • You have an employee (Dutch, local or foreign) who has been employed for a long time abroad or is seconded. This can lead to deduction of foreign tax and/or social security.
  • The acquisition of goods and opening of a warehouse or establishment abroad. In this case, you will have to deal with foreign VAT registration and foreign tax (return) obligations.
  • You open a branch, factory or office or you have a permanent representative in another country entitled to bind the foreign company (parent company). In this case, you are liable to tax in the foreign country in the fields of payroll, sales and income tax.
  • If your company has or establishes a foreign subsidiary, the foreign participation will itself be subject to various fees, such as the levying of income, sales and/or salary taxes and any other local levies.

Activities in the Netherlands by a foreign company

Foreign companies which engage in or want to start activities in the Netherlands will also have to deal with tax liabilities in the Netherlands:

  • Hiring a Dutch employee for the Dutch market often leads to a withholding liability of the foreign company in the Netherlands for income tax and social security.
  • Foreign employees seconded to the Netherlands can also lead under certain circumstances to a withholding liability in the Netherlands.
  • When acquiring goods or opening a warehouse in the Netherlands, a foreign company in the Netherlands is faced with various formalities in the field of value added tax and customs.
  • Opening a branch, office or factory in the Netherlands or the appointment of a permanent representative in the Netherlands, or the maintenance of a Dutch company/entity, such as a limited liability company, will lead to a tax liability in the Netherlands in the field of sales, salary and/or corporation tax.

What to do?

Mapping the tax liability is one thing. But how do you ensure that you effectively comply with these obligations and duties? You must fill in timely and completely an accurate tax return. The advisers from Mazars can take your worries out of your hands by fully or partially supporting you in the processes in the area of ​​reporting, tax and/or accounting, HR and legal matters. Even when starting local entities or branches we can help you. With the global network of Mazars, the right solution is always within reach.

Want to know more?

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