Tax Reporting & Control Services

International operating companies are often confronted with taxes and with the tightened reporting duties involved in this. In the consolidated and stand-alone annual accounts you draw up, this results in a ‘tax position’. The tax position is calculated through the interaction of IT systems, external accounting standards and tax regulations, which are subject to continuous change. Are you absolutely certain that all taxes are properly withheld and duly paid? And do you process these taxes without any tax and financial risks?

Tax Accounting

Tax Accounting

Tax Accounting is about establishing and checking the tax position of your organisation. Through...

More than tax risk management alone

Our expertise in the field of Tax Reporting & Control Services is aimed at the following, among other things:

Tax Accounting

The more markets you operate in, the more complex determining current and deferred taxes becomes. After all, the transfer pricing implementation is truly tested, currency issues arise and you are exposed to GAAP to STAT variations and Purchase Price Allocations. No matter how experienced you are, this remains complex exercise. We are here to assist.

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Tax Reporting Packs

What is the setup of your tax packs? Is there room for any improvement? Are all cell formulas right? And has legislation been applied correctly? We assess the tax pack, the process and the contents, allowing you to stay in control.

Country-by-Country reporting

As of 1 January 2016, multinational companies with a turnover of €750 million or more are obliged to transfer the international (tax) administration in a template developed by the OECD. Not only does this involve information on the tax profits gained in the different tax jurisdictions, but e.g. also turnover of affiliated and non-affiliated parties, taxes paid, number of employees, the value of the fixed assets and a description of local operations. Would you like to be in control?

Tax Control Framework

The development of a set of processes and internal control measures aimed at creating effective tax procedures is of vital importance, as this will help reduce corrections when being audited by the auditor and the Tax Authorities. We will map out your current condition, describe the RACI matrix and support you in the optimisation of your processes. The Tax Control Framework, among other things, is a requirement in order to obtain a compliance agreement under Horizontal Monitoring.

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Tax Reporting Tool

More and more companies that have kept up with the finance automation trend aim to correctly and directly enter the tax position into their financial system. Sometimes separate ‘bolt-on’ systems are ‘affixed’ to the system. In order to do this successfully, you need the specialised knowledge and expertise. Whether this involves optimising the general ledger card system or applying IFRS regulations, Mazars professionals are ready to assist you.

Tax Transparency

The OESO has developed various action plans aimed at combating tax erosion: the Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative. The objective of the action plans is to promote fair competition and to protect the internal market of the European Union. On 18 March 2015, the European Commission drew up a set of measures aimed at increasing tax transparency. This package also provides for the most urgent issues and contains a proposal for the automatic exchange of information on cross-border tax decisions between Member States. How do these action plans impact on you? And what do you need to take into account?

Risk management

The specialists of Mazars can advise you on how to properly withhold and duly pay your taxes and they will help you reduce your tax risks. We will also support you during statutory audits. By linking up the knowledge and expertise from various Mazars disciplines, we assist you in mapping out your opportunities and risks. This, for example, can be achieved by means of a tax reporting analysis or tax control framework scan. This way your organisation knows where improvements can be made!

Further information

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