Tax Control Framework

At present, the tax position of organisations is given more and more attention. Your organisation must comply with the legislation and this is only becomes more complex. Besides, your stakeholders want to know your organisation’s tax position and what the potential tax risks are. A Tax Control Framework will provide you with insight into your tax position and your opportunities and risks.

What is a Tax Control Framework?

A Tax Control Framework is a set of processes and internal control measures which ensure that an organisation is given a greater insight into the tax risks. With such a framework, you can obtain better control of your tax risks and you know whether your organisation complies with the legislation.

Your benefits

A Tax Control Framework allows you to optimise your tax procedures. Such a framework will help you reduce corrections in the event of audits by the auditor and the Tax Department. An overview of your benefits:

  • Your organisation is in control of its tax affairs
  • Fewer corrections during audits by an auditor or Tax Authorities
  • Greater insight into the tax risks and opportunities of your organisation. This enables you to reduce the risks to a minimum, quickly and pro-actively
  • Increased security about your organisation’s tax position

Our approach

The first step in the development of a Tax Control Framework is to identify your processes and tax risks. We do this by mapping out the main tax responsibilities, among other things, and indicating which risks have the highest impact. Furthermore, we advise you on the control measures and possibilities for optimisation. Subsequently, we support you in the implementation of the control measures, thereby enabling you to better manage the tax risks. In addition, we monitor quality by regularly testing the framework and to optimise it, where needed.

Further information

Want to find out more about the Tax Control Framework or about what we can do for you? Please contact us: we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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