The Optimize approach

Using our knowledge, we work together with you to realise key business optimisations and the future positioning of your business. The Optimize business analysis method can support these aims. Its focus is on the key factors that engender success, while optimising the long-term value of your business. We call this structured process ‘The Optimize approach’.

The approach

The Mazars-owned Optimize Hub plays an important role in our business analysis approach. This tool makes the Optimize process transparent for you and allows you a clear insight into the key areas for attention and action points you need to focus on to optimise the shareholder value of your business.

The Optimize process is facilitated by Mazars’ own Optimize professionals, who will write a customised report to help you identify long-term growth and profitability opportunities.

The Optimize approach consists of three steps:

1. Understand

In this step, the aim is to understand the business objectives by clearly outlining the long-term strategy and goals, and ensuring both entrepreneur and management team forge a bond with these.

2. Analyse: establishing the current position

The objective of performing an analysis is to establish the current position of the business. We do this by establishing the difference between the current position and the objectives regarding such aspects as:

  • the market position
  • the quality of business processes
  • employee and team effectiveness
  • the financial situation and risks

3. Optimize

The final step is the actual optimisation process, in which we identify action points to minimise difference and achieve the desired performance.

The benefits

Mazars gives entrepreneurs insight into the challenges they face which demand their attention while they build and maintain a successful business. Thanks to our extensive experience with various types of businesses in many sectors, we possess the knowledge required to perform an in-depth analysis. The outcome will allow us to help you pinpoint the opportunities for growth, sustainable rates of return and profitability that your business demands. Our approach centres on identifying the areas requiring attention in order to achieve optimal shareholder value in the long term.

Results for your business

The ultimate objective is to maximise long-term shareholder value. Focusing on the long term has the following advantages:

  • Clearly defined business goals.
  • Key action points leading to improved business results and subsequently increased shareholder value.
  • A summary of the risks that threaten achieving the desired positioning and performance.
  • Measurable improvements to the rate of return of a business and creating extra assurance of long-term value optimisation.

Want to know more?

To find out how Mazars’ Optimize approach can help you, please contact Remco Schoonderwoerd by email or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 16 45. He will be happy to help or introduce you to an Optimize professional in your area.


Optimize brochure
Optimize brochure