Anton Dieleman Chief Professional Practice Officer

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In my capacity of professional practice director accountancy, I'm responsible for the system about quality care within the discipline of accountancy. Among other things, it is my duty to ensure that the system of guidelines, procedures and resources enables Mazars and its professional staff to execute standards and instructions in accordance with the appropriate rules. I'm also responsible for updating internal legislation, guidelines, models and the technical library.

Every day, I encounter various developments in legislation and other topicalities and casuistry. I translate these developments into advices, internal procedures and technical articles. You can create new opportunities by not only looking at what's impossible, but by looking at and using the alternatives. 

Ancillary positions

In addition to my work for Mazars, I also fulfil various ancillary positions, including:

  • Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA)
  • Member of the Professional Consultation Platform of the NBA
  • Member of the editorial board for a magazine about accounting Law.

I like to share my knowledge and expertise in the fields of accountancy, financial reporting, ethics and business law. That's why I often publish articles in technical and other professional journals.

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