Arnoud Ellenbroek Director Sustainability

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Personal quote

  • I want to contribute to fair and sustainable development: that is, meeting everyone's basic social needs within the limits of our planet.
  • I believe that governments, NGOs and companies can and must all contribute to this. On a personal level I can certainly help, but I am proud to be able to make a positive impact professionally. With our Sustainability team we support organizations in their sustainable development. This includes setting sustainability goals in the strategy, implementing them in the business processes and reporting on them. Our team is diverse, so that for every assignment we find the right balance between hands-on experience and a fresh perspective, between business knowledge and understanding of the organizational culture.
  • My personal contribution to this team is based on broad experience in leadership of various organizations; both in the line, and in risk management and audit. I connect and improve, balance and enthuse!

Education and work experience

  • Since September 2018 I support organizations as auditor, consultant and coach with sustainable performance improvement and organizational development.
  • End responsible director (Chief Audit Executive) Corporate Risk and Audit at both ProRail and Royal Schiphol Group.
  • Responsible for strategic change programs in the areas of safety, sustainability, compliance and integrity.
  • Responsible for primary process / operation at both Royal Schiphol Group and ProRail.
  • Responsible for Safety Training Center of Royal Schiphol Group.
  • Responsible for execution of mission and teams of specialists, both sailing and flying, at the Royal Navy.
  • Education Royal Dutch Navy Institute (professional officer KM), Technical University Delft, University of Amsterdam (internal / operational audit) and TIAS university for business and society (sustainability leadership).


  • Certified Operational Auditor (RO)
  • External Quality Assessor IIA.
  • Coaching, advising and auditing: governance, risk management, sustainability, culture and behaviour.

Specific client experience

  • Public sector
  • Transport & Logistics

Additional positions

  • Lecturer and examiner at the Executive MSc of Internal Auditing of the University of Amsterdam.
  • Member of the Board of Mazars Foundation.
  • Fanatic trail runner (finding energy and inspiration in nature to make my 'net positive' contribution).