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I am proud to be a member of the Mazars Executive Board, as it is a solid organisation that truly focuses on the public interest and where people take precedence over processes. Where you get the opportunity to bring forward ideas, to research, to innovate and to be enterprising. The care for and further development of all Mazarians, regardless of background, culture or age, is a pivotal strategic objective. In my managerial role, I make an active contribution to shaping our Human Resource Management policy in which people, education & culture are central themes.

Education and work experience

  • Post-doctoral programme in Accountancy, University of Amsterdam
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)

I have worked at Mazars since 1989 and have been a partner in the Audit and Assurance practice since 2005. My clients include companies in the hospitality sector, mainly hotels. I am also a member of the management team of the Audit & Assurance service line.

Specialised experience

  • External reporting, including IFRS
  • Hospitality sector

At Mazars, we actively work on the improvements in processes, systems and behaviour that are necessary in the pursuit of our quality vision: Mazars enhances trust through leading quality. From its start in 2017, I have been programme leader of our Change Programme, which specifically focuses on the necessary behavioural change.

Other positions

I like to share my knowledge and expertise with young professionals who like to learn more about the accounting profession. Making others passionate about our profession is what gives me energy. That is why I am also an External Reporting lecturer and examiner at Nyenrode Business University.

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