Frank van Rijn Tax Advisor

Frank van Rijn

Personal quote / vision

Tax advice must be professionally correct and understandable to the client. Our advisory work must be done as a team. When the tax outcome is uncertain this must be named. Consultation with the tax authorities can then be a solution. Objection or appeal proceedings should only be initiated if a less drastic approach does not provide a solution.

Specialist experience

  • Levy of sales tax - various VAT sub-areas, such as VAT exemptions.
  • Concurrence of sales tax and transfer tax.
  • Property Valuation Act.

Specific client experience

  • Providing solutions to a wide range of indirect tax issues.
  • Conducting objection procedures and legal proceedings.

Education and work experience

  • 1989 - 1994 | University of Amsterdam | Fiscal Economics.
  • 1999 - present | Mazars | VAT Manager.