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Personal quote

The central element in my job is the client. This is how I create a link between the client’s wishes and what is possible from a tax point of view. In my opinion, trying to find the most favourable solution tax-wise is not always the right approach. You have to find out what's best for your client. After all, the most favourable tax solution from a tax point of view is not always the best solution for the client. That's why I always try to find out which tax options are the most interesting and relevant to the entrepreneur. Only then will you be able to create value.

As a tax adviser, it's very important to speak the client's language. Entrepreneurs are not interested in technical language. What they are interested in is the transition: how can they apply tax legislation to make use of new opportunities. A healthy dose of common sense, combined with creativity, is very important in that respect. 

Education and work experience

I have been working at Mazars as a tax adviser since 1979.

Specific client experience

I'm responsible for national tax advise and I help clients to optimise their tax positions. My client portfolio includes SMEs, directors and major shareholders and businesses that are active in the 'business services' sector. I also, in part thanks to my board role at Mazars (2004-2010), specialise in partner structures.

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