Jan-Willem Lowik Partner

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Training and work experience

Jan-Willem graduated as a registered accountant from the University of Groningen in 1999. In the years since, he has attended a large number of masterclasses and courses to fine-tune his management and consultancy skills.

On completion of his degree programme, Jan Willem joined the accountancy and tax consultancy firm Ten Kate Huizinga as an audit leader before becoming an independent registered accountant. Some time later, Jan-Willem made partner. In 2013, he was appointed non-executive director with responsibility for its audit activities.

With Mazars' takeover of Ten Kate Huizinga on 1 January 2018, Jan-Willem became a partner/shareholder at Mazars Netherlands.


Jan-Willem's main focus is on the building sector. His chief areas of expertise are obtaining the necessary certificates for tenderers (preselection process), valuating work in progress, company acquisitions and liquidity forecasts. In addition to the building sector, Jan-Willem is also a specialist in the bailiff industry.

Additional positions

Jan-Willem serves as the treasurer of the Winning Horse Foundation, which organises riding classes for disabled children.

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