Mia Dijk, van Senior Tax Adviser

Mia van Dijk

Education and work experience

  • Master of Law (LL M) (Fiscal Law)
  • Master of Science (MSc) (Economics of taxation)
  • Certified Tax Adviser (Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs / Dutch tax association of tax advisers)


Mia van Dijk, senior tax adviser, is a member of the Global Mobility group of Mazars. She specializes in employment tax with a focus on the international perspective and advises employers, employees and self-employed persons in this respect. She also focuses on cross-border employment (salary splits, etc.), the qualification of employment relationships, management remuneration, employee participation schemes, social security, labour and immigration law, assignment policies and related compliance issues relating to the movement of expatriates around the world.

Before joining Mazars, Mia worked as a tax lawyer for a Dutch law firm in Amsterdam, London and Paris.