Rens Brooimans Partner | Accountant

Rens Brooimans

I have been working for Mazars as an accountant since 1991, rising through the ranks to become a partner. Alongside my regular activities, including heading the accountancy practice, my work increasingly involves activities in the field of international outsourcing. I specialise in financing for innovative companies and evaluating business plans. I focus on various sectors:

  • Technology, Media and Telecom
  • ICT companies
  • Project-based companies
  • Internationally operating companies

The modern entrepreneur is looking for an accountant who can develop in tandem with the business and can quickly assume new tasks when growth demands it. Above all, the entrepreneur needs to be able to take back these tasks in a flexible manner when it is needed. It is the accountant's job to facilitate this properly ─ to let go of the traditional accountant's role and look for the added value you can provide. Providing input is what it is about and what entrepreneurs are looking for. For me, that is the challenge.

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