Ton Meesters Partner | Accountant

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T: +31 88 277 20 93

My activities at Mazars consist of managing the accountancy and advice unit in Breda, where a team of 35 colleagues offer advice and support to SME entrepreneurs about various issues. I'm also responsible for the payroll records department, which consists of two units (Apeldoorn and Breda). Together with a couple of colleagues, I also take on various assignments in the field of outsourcing.

It is very important to listen to the ideas and wishes of the client. Not only does this enable you to assess the client's needs, it also allows you to consider the costs and benefits. By using my knowledge and network, I help to realise the client's needs and create new opportunities.  

Would you like to know more about me or what I can do for you? Please contact me by e-mail ( or by phone: +31 88 277 20 93. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile

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