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Estate Planning is a wonderful area of expertise that cannot be described in just a few words. This also applies to my work. Bridging the gap between legal and tax aspects, that is what it is all about. The thing that fascinates me most about this profession is the way in which the various disciplines come together, sometimes in an almost mathematical way. I really enjoy looking for tailor-made solutions for seemingly difficult problems.


  • Utrecht University - Law and economics in business and society (2003, with honours)
  • Utrecht University - Notarial law and Tax law (both 2005, with honours)
  • Cambridge University - LL.M (2006)

I started working at Mazars as an estate planner / tax adviser in 2006. I have been a partner in our organisation since 2019.


In my practice I focus on advising high net worth individuals in the broadest sense of the word, in particular on national and international estate planning. I work for wealthy families and individuals, substantial shareholders, advisers of private clients - such as family offices, civil-law notaries, bankers, asset managers, legal counsel and tax advisers - and charities. Through Mazars Bewind en Executele BV I regularly work as an executor and/or administrator.


In addition to working at Mazars, I teach Gift and Inheritance Tax Law and Estate Planning at Leiden University. Moreover, I am working on a thesis on a part of inheritance law and its fiscal consequences: the fidei commissum (also known as two-stage testamentary disposition or gift).

I like sharing knowledge in various ways, both with people who are looking for an optimal solution for their situation and with people who want to learn the profession. This is why I like to teach, publish and regularly speak at internal and external meetings on estate planning. If you are looking for a speaker on international estate planning, please contact Mazars University at + 31 (0) 88 - 277 12 34 or send a message to

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