More efficient administration

Do you want to know the state of play quickly? With Mazars Next, you always have up-to-date information about your financial administration. Efficiently designed, user-friendly and time-saving. Exactly what you need.

Online accounting

You work with one fully integrated online administrative system. It is available anytime, anywhere and provides immediate insight. 

Digital invoice processing

Invoices are scanned (even with your smart phone), recognised and automatically processed in the accounts. All you have to do is specify and check them.

Accounts receivable management

Click and run: debtors are retrieved from your online accounting programme and reminders or demands are easily sent.

Linking digital tools 

We link the digital tools to each other and to any other sector-specific software you may use. With handy links, we collect all relevant data to give you a complete insight.

Mazars can help you with

The experts of Mazars Next will help you set up your digital administration efficiently. We ensure that as many processes as possible are automated (for instance, automatic import of bank details), that you can process invoices digitally and we create links with other relevant digital tools.