Global Compliance

The success of a business hinges on the proper focus. To ensure this, it is often advisable to outsource processes that are not part of the company’s core activities – such as tax, accounting or other support functions – to reliable partners. This means that you, as an entrepreneur, are free to concentrate on the key strategic objectives and devote all your energies to the continued growth of your business.

Support in all financial economic processes

By outsourcing the processes to reliable specialists, you can also rest assured that these processes will not present you with unpleasant surprises. The advantages of outsourcing differ from one case to another. In general, the following aspects are involved:

  • support processes are carried out by professionals with specialist knowledge and experience
  • the capacity of your organisation is scalable and flexible
  • cost savings
  • focus on your core activities

Especially in the Netherlands, which for years has been an excellent base for international businesses aiming at European expansion, an increasing number of multinational companies opt for outsourcing as an instrument for applying focus and realising growth. The Mazars Outsourcing and Accounting Support (OAS) Team provides them with assistance and advice to ensure the smooth and efficient outsourcing of financial accounting processes.

Mazars offers a global network of experienced professionals in more than 70 countries, with central coordination and one point of contact for you – the client.

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