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Proper payroll and personnel administration requires the necessary knowledge, time and energy.

In addition to routine work such as payroll processing, wage administration and drawing up contracts, your organisation will be faced with reports, deductions, payments to e.g. the Tax and Customs Administration and legislation and regulations that are subject to continuous change. The specialists of Mazars can support your organisation, thereby ensuring that your payroll and personnel administration is organised efficiently.

Additionally, laws and regulations undergo yearly changes. Other areas, such as issues an employer must be able to comply with in the areas of pensions, subsidies and wage cost benefits also require much and timely attention.

Mazars' specialists can support your organisation so that your payroll and personnel administration is well organised. We provide modern automated resources, so that your administration can be organised efficiently.

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Quality assurance

NIRPA certified payroll specialists

Our payroll specialists are registered with the NIRPA, in the Register Payroll Professional (RPP). NIRPA is the independent Dutch Institute of Register Payroll Accounting. NIRPA ensures the quality assurance of professionals working in the payroll field. Annual permanent education is therefore guaranteed, and in conjunction with the annual internal training that Mazars provides its professionals, they are up to date with the knowledge and skills needed to practice their profession.

ISAE-3402 certificate

Mazars Payroll Accounting has an ISAE-3402 certificate as of 2023. This is an internationally recognised standard, providing recognition, acceptance and usability to clients and regulators around the world. We also work with payroll systems that are ISAE-certified. This enables us to offer our national and international clients (extra) certainty regarding the quality and control of the financial processes. The quality of our services is established by independent auditors and tested periodically / annually.