Compiling annual accounts

As an SME entrepreneur, you are not always required to have your annual accounts checked by an accountant. Nevertheless, you do want your annual accounts to be drawn up professionally and with care. The accountants from Mazars will draw up your annual accounts in accordance with the strictest standards. That way, you will have figures you can build on.

Compiling annual accounts

For smaller businesses, drawing up the annual financial report can represent a big task. After all, it requires time and attention. Would you like to have your annual accounts drawn up by an accountant? You can instruct us to do so by issuing a so-called samenstelopdracht or 'compilation instruction' . That way, you can focus all your attention on your own business. Mazars will send you a statement confirming that your annual accounts have been compiled by us. This statement:

  • proves that your figures have been arrived at in a professional manner
  • yields practical tips and recommendations

Expert perspective with an eye to the future

We compile annual reports in accordance with a standard work programme and the high Mazars standards. That way, you are assured of quality and professionalism.

Our accountants are experts in their field and will take the time to get to know your company properly. Only by really understanding the ins and outs of your business can we present your annual figures in the right way. Additionally, we will put forward ideas and look at how you can improve your operational management based on the data from the annual figures.

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