Digital Transformation & Technology

New technologies and digital developments are bringing changes to every organisation. How you're going to deal with these issues is an important question – not just for you, but for your customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers. Words like cloud, analytics, blockchain and robotics are popping up all the time these days. What's the best way to incorporate these developments into your strategy? What possibilities for improvement do they offer to your organisation and business operations? How can you attract and retain talent? And how can available data be turned into insights to help you move forward? In other words – what opportunities do these developments offer you?

Mazars can help you with

  • Develop a digital strategy
    Do you ever wonder what impact new technologies will have on your organisation? What the threats and opportunities are? What they will cost, and what you’ll get out of them? And perhaps more importantly: where do you start? Mazars is here to help you answer all of these questions. Together, we can work out where new technologies can have a positive impact on the strategic skills and ambitions of your organisation, as well as where the impact might be less positive. Drawing up a vision and a strategic plan (including a business case and a road map) is part of this process.
  • Optimise business functions with the aid of new technologies
    How can your business processes in areas such as finance, HR, IT, marketing and sales be optimised with the aid of technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and blockchain? We can provide you with insights into best practices for these new technologies. The first step is to perform an analysis to identify opportunities for process optimisation and improvement. We can then start a pilot or 'proof of concept'. We will work with you to design a change and implementation programme so that the new way of working, supported by new technology, can be successfully implemented in your organisation.
  • Use available data and apply analytics
    Do you want to know how to get more out of the data you already have? Your sales, production, finance, procurement and HR data can be used to obtain valuable insights. We can help you identify opportunities in your organisation, unlock the available internal and external data, apply a range of analytics tools, integrate analytics into your work processes, and set up dashboards for reporting. Mazars can help with every aspect of turning your business into a data-driven organisation, ready for whatever the future may bring.
  • Select and implement systems and technologies
    Digitalisation is an ongoing process, so it's a good idea to take a moment every now and then to think about what technologies, IT and systems you currently need for your organisation. For example, should you move to the cloud? What does your ideal IT architecture look like? We can conduct an analysis of your current systems and processes. Based on your strategy and issues, we can design an ideal IT architecture for you. We can then look at possible scenarios and solutions that will result in the selection and implementation of suitable systems.
  • With your digital transformation
    There is a lot involved in a digital transformation. How should you implement these new business processes and systems, and what specialists do you need for the task? How can you manage your stakeholders and keep an eye on the risks? In other words: how can you stay in control throughout the digital transformation journey? This is where Mazars comes in. We can help you draw up an action plan, covering aspects such as a business case, stakeholders, possible risks and selecting the necessary partners. We can also support you in controlling and implementing your plan so that you can achieve your objectives.

Mazars' specialist team can support you with every facet of digital transformation and technology. Applying the philosophy of 'think big, start small', we can ensure your digital transformation takes shape in a staged and managed way, allowing you to maximise the opportunities offered by new technology.