Erik Burghout Senior Payroll Consultant

Erik Burghout

Personal quote / vision

Helping Mazars relations on their way in 'payroll country', relieving them of worries (for example in the field of legislation and regulations or automation), going through the opportunities and risks involved and responding to what is going on with the relations and the market; that is what challenges me. Turning my knowledge and experience into opportunities and solutions for them, gives me as Senior Payroll Consultant Mazars, Registered Payroll Professional (RPP), energy and challenge again and again.

Specialist experience

  • Driven, energetic, focus to relieve relationships and service-oriented.
  • Setting up administrations and work processes.
  • Analysis of organization & opportunities and risks.
  • Translating regulations and legislation into practice.
  • Automation within the profession.

Specialist customer experience

  • Responsible for diverse personnel and salary administration assignments.
  • In the execution of these and of diverse payroll consulting and change processes.
  • Extensive experience in providing services to SMEs up to 200 employees.
  • Active in the field of professional technique, quality control, organization and commercial expressions.

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