Martin Aandewiel Senior Tax Advisor

Martin Aandewiel

Personal quote / vision

Communicating detailed and complex material in a clear way is what I like to do. It is not only about making sure that the tax regulations are clear, but also that the taxpayer knows what the concrete consequences are and where the possibilities lie. What can the tax laws and regulations give the taxpayer and how can you implement this? In doing so, I not only provide the solution, but I look further and think along with the client.

Specialist experience

  • Payroll tax issues
  • International and national aspects and the Public sector
  • Horizontal supervision and tax procedures
  • Cost reimbursements, terms of employment and working expenses scheme (WKR)
  • DGA-problems
  • Social insurances and sector classification
  • Tax issues related to the hiring of self-employed persons
  • Delivery of workshops, courses and seminars

Specific client experience

  • Active for the sector Social organizations