Nancy Bergmans - Klotz Partner

Nancy Bergmans - Klotz

Personal quote / vision 

Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing and, partly due to the influence of international guidelines, are becoming increasingly complex with increasing documentation and reporting requirements. This can make it challenging to be and remain compliant. Together with our specialists and our colleagues abroad, I help my clients with this and advise them not only in the field of corporate income tax and dividend tax, but we also offer broad and integrated advice in which, for example, opportunities and potential risks in the field of transfer pricing, VAT, payroll tax and global mobility are also included. Understanding the organization and the flexibility to structure our services while considering different client needs are essential in this respect.  

Specialist experience

  • International tax
  • Corporate and dividend tax
  • Innovation

Specific client experience

  • Corporate / PIE / private equity clients in various sectors
  • Internationally operating companies

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