Charitable organisations

Charitable organisations make an important contribution to society. The areas of attention are numerous: from general health and well-being, culture, refugees and development cooperation, education and science, to people on low incomes, the environment, animals and nature. These organisations want to continue to help society, but sector changes and ever-changing regulations pose challenges. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on making the best possible use of the opportunities for you and your organisation to maintain the contribution to society.

Your challenges

With our sector-specific knowledge and rich experience, we can support you and your organisation in your challenges, such as:

  • Your tax liability: Sales tax, profit tax and wage tax that may or may not apply, as well as the exemptions that apply to your charitable organisation under certain conditions.
  • Your PBO status: Getting an PBO (public benefit organisation status) and the specific obligations and challenges of maintaining that ANBI status. With our PBO quick scan, you will quickly find out whether your institution still meets the conditions.
  • The Dutch Guideline for Annual Reporting 650: This guideline prescribes how fundraising organisations should render account to their stakeholders. Our specialists can help with the application of the amended recognition regulation and with setting up and performing a risk analysis in order to achieve a well-founded continuity reserve.
  • Volunteers: Various legislation and regulations apply to working with volunteers. For instance, are you aware of the conditions of the volunteer scheme in wage tax? We are happy to inform you of the rules applicable to your situation.

Our approach

Our multi-disciplinary team of sector specialists helps non-profit organisations maintain their tax-exempt status, as well as provides a range of audit, tax, and advisory services to secure operational continuity and develop a sustainable business model. You have a single point of contact who manages a team of experienced professionals who understand your specific needs. 

Our services

  • Audit and accounting 
  • PBO desk
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Business operations
  • Risk and internal control
  • IT audit and advisory
  • HR consultancy