The Netherlands has various types of education, from primary and special education to higher education. The sector is subject to regular change, which requires flexibility from educational institutions. Shrinking rural regions, high workload, shortage of teachers, appropriate education and digitisation are all topics an educational institution has to deal with nowadays. But also dealing with educational disadvantages caused by the coronavirus will dominate your focus in the coming years.

Your challenges

With our sector-specific knowledge and rich experience, we can support you and your educational institution in your challenges, such as:

  • Your tax liability: Sales tax, profit tax and wage tax that may or may not apply, as well as the exemptions that apply to your educational institution under certain conditions.
  • The Dutch Guideline for Annual Reporting 660: This guideline prescribes the requirements for annual reporting in the field of education. Despite the unambiguous guidelines, there may be specific situations that raise questions, such as the substantiation of a (staff) provision, reporting in the event of a merger and transfer or if investments are made in accommodation. Our specialists can give you insight into the advantages and disadvantages of choices in your annual reporting.
  • Transparency to stakeholders: Stakeholders have high demands regarding the transparency of your activities and performance, which is why a continuity paragraph must be included in your report. These challenges call for a policy-oriented and administratively efficient organisation.
  • Work pressure: Work pressure and the administrative burden in education are rising. This increases the need for efficient working methods so that teachers can spend more time on their core task of providing quality education. Our specialists help you achieve an optimum mix between the deployment of people and resources, including the digitisation of administrative processes.  
  • Efficiency: The demand for the accountability of public resources is on the rise. It is not always easy for educational institutions to measure, determine and account for the social impact of their expenditure. Our Mazars specialists can help you optimise your efficiency and make the financial conversion to public spending.

Our approach

Our multi-disciplinary team of sector specialists helps non-profit organisations maintain their tax-exempt status, as well as provides a range of audit, tax, and advisory services to secure operational continuity and develop a sustainable business model. You have a single point of contact who manages a team of experienced professionals who understand your specific needs. 

Our services

  • Audit & assurance 
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Governance, risk and internal control
  • IT audit and advisory
  • Digitisation
  • HR services
  • Sustainability