SAFE AI Framework

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we work, innovate and make decisions. With its vast potential, AI isn’t just an option for businesses anymore – it's fast becoming a necessity.

AI's momentum and accelerated adoption is focusing a spotlight on the fundamental principles of best practices and approaches when implementing AI technologies. The SAFE AI FrameworkTM focuses on secure, adaptable, factual and ethical implementations of AI to help organizations realize the technology’s full potential for growth and efficiency.

SAFE AI FrameworkTM

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In the realm of AI, data security is vital. Our SAFE AI FrameworkTM focuses on creating robust system security measures and adhering to data privacy, compliance and protection standards. It also encourages the development of best practices for AI security and collaborative efforts with external partners and stakeholders.

Working with AI tools requires a methodical approach that must primarily consider data security and ensuring that interactions with AI tools don’t infringe on any legal or ethical boundaries. Knowing which tools to leverage and how to build best practices is critical to a safe and practical AI strategy.

  • System security, protections and best practices
  • Data privacy, compliance and data protection standards
  • Collaborating with external partners and stakeholders
  • Development of best practices for AI security


The SAFE AI FrameworkTM emphasizes the need for adaptable AI strategies, advocating for the continuous review and updating of business processes to incorporate AI-driven solutions.

It also encourages investment in employee upskilling and fostering a culture of innovation. A successful AI automation implementation involves focusing on processes, people and technologies – and how those work together to achieve desired results.

  • Continuously reviewing and updating business processes to incorporate AI-driven solutions
  • Investing in upskilling and re-skilling employees to work effectively alongside AI systems
  • Exploring emerging AI technologies that align with the organization's strategic goals
  • Establishing a culture of innovation that encourages experimentation and learning


The SAFE AI FrameworkTM emphasizes the importance of factual accuracy in AI-generated results. This involves incorporating human oversight and verification, establishing clear governance guardrails for data integrity and promoting transparency in AI-generated content.

AI results cannot be taken at face value without a “human in the loop” to review, edit and validate them. Although automated tasks are feasible, the final review process must ensure that any anomalies can be corrected before data is released and consumed by its intended audience.

  • Incorporating human oversight and verification of AI-generated data and content
  • Establishing clear governance guardrails to ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • Regularly auditing AI systems to confirm they adhere to factual standards
  • Promoting transparency in AI-generated content, including clear attribution and source information


AI needs to be implemented ethically to avoid undesired consequences. The SAFE AI FrameworkTM advocates the development of clear AI ethics policies that outline the organization's values and principles.

Guardrails around how organizations implement AI tools and distribute results and content must be established up front to ensure use cases don’t cause undesired consequences.

  • Developing a clear AI ethics policy that outlines the organization's values and principles
  • Ensuring that AI systems are designed to prevent bias and discrimination, and promote fairness and inclusivity
  • Establishing a process to identify, assess and address potential unintended consequences of AI deployment
  • Engaging with diverse stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of ethical concerns and best practices

SAFE AI journey

How we can help

AI technologies have demonstrated how much they can contribute to our productivity, speed, efficiency and creativity. But navigating the landscape of solutions and implementation practices can be challenging.

With the SAFE AI FrameworkTM as your guide, you can confidently embrace your organization’s future with AI.

Journey with Mazars and discover AI's enormous potential, while ensuring its use aligns with best practices for security, adaptability, factual integrity and ethics.

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