Participation & Cooperation

When is the time for an employer to set up a works council or participation council? Which statutory conditions does a works council have to meet and how does a works council work? To what extent does a participation council differ from a works council? Mazars' specialists know the answer to these and other questions. They help you to set up a reliable works council and as such improve the participation and collaboration in your organisation.

How can we help you?

Our specialists know the value of a works council or any other form of employee representation. It increases commitment among your employees, you will know about what's going on in your organisation quicker and it is a valuable discussion partner that creates support for organisational changes and changes on terms and conditions of employment. If you are by law obliged to set up a works council, we can help you to prepare regulations, to document procedures about works council elections and to register the works council with the appropriate authorities.

We will also inform you of the statutory conditions to be met by a works council and about its workings. The fact is that the works council has a right of consent, a right to be consulted, a right of initiative and/or a right to be informed for a number of organisational changes and changes on terms and conditions of employment. Matters such as employment protection, training leave and the employer making facilities available also form part of the works council's tasks. Things are slightly different for a participation council. Mazars' specialists know exactly what the works council of your organisation is entitled to.