Mazars in the Netherlands

A staff of 950 in the Netherlands provide services in the fields of accountancy, tax advice, and management consultancy, and every day make a difference for their clients. When necessary, they work together with the international Mazars group.

Creativity in the genes

Mazars is not simply an accountants office. Providing services in the fields of accountancy, tax advice, and management consultancy, Mazars is an office that dares to explore untread paths in order to help clients to achieve their objectives. With a staff of 950 and 12 offices across the country, we are among the top 10 in the branch in the Netherlands. We form part of the Mazars groep, which is one of the European market leaders in the field of accountancy. This international focus also makes it possible for us to provide the highest quality and reliability when serving major corporate organisations.

Of course, size isn't everything. You need creativity, curiosity, and empathy. These qualities are in the genes of our professionals, and ensure that they can provide you, our client, with tailored solutions. We do not reason primarily from the standard methods or requirements of regulations and legislation, but start our thinking with the challenge facing our clients, and only then do we consider how this fits within the existing framework of regulations and legislation.

Our managing team

The Mazars Executive Board consists of Ton Tuinier (Chairman of the Board), Hans Viskil (vice-chairman), Peter Hopstaken, Wim Lubben and Mark Lucas Luijckx.


Mazars Nederland originates from Paardekooper & Hoffman, a truly Dutch company.

Annual report

You will find the annual reports of both Mazars Nederland and Mazars Groep on the Mazars annual reports page. All annual reports are available for download as PDFs. The annual report of Mazars Groep is only available in English.

Transparency report

Accountancy firms which perform statutory audits on public interest entities draw up a transparency report within three months of the organisation's financial year-end. You can find the Transparency Report for Mazars below.

Raad van Commissarissen

De Raad van Commissarissen (RvC) van Mazars Nederland is verantwoordelijk voor het waarborgen van het publiekelijk belang en heeft als doel de kwaliteit en onafhankelijkheid van onze dienstverlening te vergroten. De RvC houdt toezicht op het Bestuur van Mazars en de gehele organisatie. Daarbij is de RvC onder andere verantwoordelijk voor het beleid met betrekking tot toekomstige bestuursbenoemingen en het belonings- en kwaliteitsbeleid.