Rewarding & Compensation

How do you remunerate and hold on to good employees? What terms and conditions of employment will motivate your employees? And what is the best way to document these terms and conditions? A sound and encouraging remuneration system promotes the talent and qualities of your employees and it often comprises more than the salary alone. Mazars' specialists will help you to develop a remuneration and pay system that is in line with the mission and vision of your organisation.

How can we help you?

Our specialists advise you about how to set up a remuneration system, allowing your organisation and your employees to remain continuously focused on sustainable development. By assessing individual performances and ambitions and by offering appropriate career options. We analyse the job descriptions, remuneration bases, the pay structure and job evaluations.

We also help you to implement your tightened or updated remuneration policy. Our specialists offer advice about the best way of documenting any new agreements and terms and conditions, in an employment contract, collective agreement or staff manual, for instance. We will help you to prepare these documents. Finally, we can also take on the implementation of your remuneration policy, by looking after your entire payroll records, for instance.