International tax

Do you perform fiscal activities abroad or are you a working expat? Then you have to deal with complex international regulations. Do you know which tax regulations you must comply with? The specialists from Mazars can help you with this. They explain the tax implications of your international activities clearly, so that you can maximise the opportunities for your business.

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Are you planning to move from the Netherlands to another country? Then you need to clarify in...

Tax opportunities and risks clarified

Foreign tax rules can have an enormous impact on the success of your activities. For example if your organisational structure is sub-optimal, or if you suddenly have to pay double tax. Mazars sets out the tax opportunities and risks clearly for you. Thanks to our extensive international network covering more than 73 countries, we can help you in all aspects of cross-border employment.


Our expertise in the field of International tax is specifically focused on the following topics:

  • Treaties and European legislation: how to avoid double taxation? What tax consequences do the European directives have for you and your company?
  • Income taxes from an international perspective: what tax obligations must you meet if you live in the Netherlands and are liable to tax abroad or live abroad and are liable to tax in the Netherlands?
  • Corporate and dividend tax: In what countries is your company required to pay corporation tax and dividend tax, and how can you avoid double taxation?
  • International finance: how can you achieve tax optimisation of the financing structure of your international company?
  • Emigration: what tax and legal issues must you consider when you or your company relocates from the Netherlands to other countries?
  • Immigration and remigration: what tax issues you should consider when you or you company immigrate or remigrate from abroad to the Netherlands?
  • Relocation abroad of the effective management of a limited company and activities: what are the tax consequences if the effective management of your limited company is transferred abroad?
  • Relocation of the effective management of a foreign legal entity to the Netherlands: what are the tax implications in the Netherlands and abroad if you move your effective management to the Netherlands?
  • International mergers and acquisitions: how can you structure an international cooperation or international acquisition tax-optimally and what are the fiscal risks?

Of course, our specialists can also help if your challenge belongs to one of our other areas of fiscal expertise, such as in the case of Transfer pricing (substance and Dutch ruling policy), Income tax (tax compliance and outsourcing), Expat services (salary taxes on cross-border employment), indirect tax and estate planning (inheritance tax, wealth management and estate planning).

Doing business in the Netherlands and international investment structures

The page Doing business in the Netherlands provides information (in English) on doing business in the Netherlands and Dutch entities. The Investment vehicles page provides information (in English) about international investment structures, which include holding, finance and royalty structures.

Would you like to learn more about international tax?

Would you like to know more about how Mazars can help you in the area of ​​international tax? Then please contact Erik Stroeve by email or by phone: +31 88 277 24 55. He will be happy to assist you.