Profit tax

The Netherlands has two types of income tax: income tax and corporation tax. But do you as a businessman know what form of income tax you have to pay? How much tax should you be paying? And where are the risks and opportunities for your company? The specialists from Mazars can help you with these questions.

Assistance with practical matters, advice on opportunities and risks

Our specialists will help you with practical matters, such as determining the amount of income tax, managing objection and appeal procedures and conducting due diligence investigations. They also take care of your returns for income tax, corporation tax and dividend tax. They also advise you on all the news and relevant issues that could affect your business. So you know how you can deal with any opportunities and risks.


Our expertise in the field of income tax is specifically focused on the following topics:

  • Innovation subsidies: learn more about the WBSO, RDA and Innovation box, the three tax benefits from the government to stimulate (technical) innovation?
  • Investment: Where is the line between entrepreneurship and investment and what is the optimal tax structure for your investment?

More information about income tax?

Would you like to know more about how Mazars can help in the area of ​​income tax? Then please contact Eric Klein Hesseling by email or by phone: +31 88 277 23 84. He will be happy to assist you.