Pieter Tra Partner | Tax adviser

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T: +31 88 277 19 00
E: pieter.tra@mazars.nl

I have been a tax adviser with Mazars since 2008. In my current role as partner, I focus on businesses in the Transport & Logistics sector. I provide advice on a range of issues relating to:

  • Company succession
  • Restructuring
  • Pensions for CEOs/majority shareholders
  • Strategy

What really intrigues me about this job is providing a complete service for clients. I like to act as a trusted adviser and make sure the entrepreneur is able to focus on what he is good at, i.e. doing business. My job is to relieve the client of fiscal concerns and identify the ideal solution.

In this business, it is not just about answering questions from the entrepreneur. Experience shows that what you need to do is share ideas. I look at an issue from different angles and search for the best solution. In this way, I seek to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs. They find that valuable.

Alongside my activities at Mazars, I am active as a board member of the trust foundation (Stichting Administratiekantoor) for NEC Nijmegen. I also like sharing my knowledge and expertise with people. That's why I regularly write blogs about fiscal issues and challenges for entrepreneurs in the transport and logistics sector. Interested? Read my blogs here .

Would you like to know more about me or what I can do for you? Please contact me by e-mailing (pieter.tra@mazars.nl ) or by calling: +31 88 277 19 00. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile or Twitter .

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