Amanda Twigt Project manager Global CITO / Global IT Governance

Amanda Twigt

Personal quote

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Specialized experience

  • Project portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Client implementations
  • Business development
  • (Online) conferences
  • Process improvement
  • Software implementation
  • Financial services

Education and work experience

  • New College Durham | B.A. Management Business and Administration
  • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences | B.A. Financial Services Management
  • Kempen & Co, Nationale Hypotheek Garantie, ABN AMRO (Hypotheken Groep) | Financial Services
  • Mazars NL | Project manager: International Outsourcing
  • Mazars Group | Project manager: Global IT Governance (current position) - Project portfolio management implementation (current position) - Regions (2019-2022) - (CARL) partner conference 2020 (Online)
  • Mazars Foundation Chairwomen

Additional functions

  • Chairwoman Mazars Foundation (current position) - Mazars Foundation is created by employees, for employees to make a contribution to our local society. Together with our external partners we organise activities throughout the Netherlands to have a positive impact on society. We focus on three themes: education, vitality and sustainability. Every Mazarian in NL has 20 hours per year available to participate to these activities. Each Mazarian has 20 hours available on an annual basis to commit to these activities. For more information, please contact me or one of the Mazars Foundation board members.
  • Transformation Squad member Mazars Group (current position) - The Transformation Squad is supporting the Mazars organisation with global transformation. The Transformation squad exists of general executive board members, global heads of technology and innovation and others that have a very tight link with technology and innovation. In my role as T-Squad member I lead the Global Project Management Community which aims to connect project managers at a global level.