Marieke van Kooten - Middeldorp Director

Marieke van Kooten

Personal quote / vision

I find it important to know what is going on with my clients and therefore find personal involvement very important. I like to act as a sparring partner to turn client challenges into achieving ambitions in an effective and efficient manner.

Specialist experience

  • Specialist in advising foundations and associations in the field of corporate income tax
  • Advising on ANBI legislation and regulations
  • Speaker at seminars
  • Advising on corporate income tax and income tax nationally

Specific client experience

  • My client portfolio partly consists of clients who belong to the so-called social organizations. These are mostly foundations and associations
  • Another part of my clients are companies where I mainly advise from a national perspective

Education and work experience

  • University of Groningen | Tax law
  • 2015 - present | Mazars | Tax advisor in the general tax practice

Additional positions

  • From the Mazars Foundation, I came into contact with JINC. There I am a member of the Council of Future. With a number of professional we are a client board for the wishes and challenges JINC faces.