Strategic business planning

It is important to think about the future of your company. Having a plan is crucial for being successful. However, the day-to-day management of a company is a full-time activity which often makes it difficult to make more time available for looking to the future.

Mazars has developed its own methodology that helps you as an entrepreneur gain insight into your strategy and long-term objectives in an efficient and pragmatic way. The starting point is an analysis of the current situation and where you would like to be in a number of years from now or where you would have liked to be. Based on this, gaps and action points are identified that serve as input for the rest of the process. We call this first step: Optimize. We will work with you and your company's management team in workshops to define objectives and associated actions, as well as KPIs so that the progress of the objectives can be measured. The output is a to-the-point and pragmatic one-page plan with an overview of your objectives, actions and KPIs for the next three to five years.

Working with a trusted party gives you the time, insight and assurance to dare look to the future. Mazars' business planners, consisting of management consultants, industry specialists and accountants, will be happy to help you with this.

Once this process has been completed, Mazars can continue to support you on an ongoing basis to ensure that the plan is successfully implemented and the company's objectives are achieved.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about strategic business planning and how we can help your business? If so, please contact Remco Schoonderwoerd by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 16 45 or Niels Raaphorst by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 19 03. They will be happy to help you.