Technology, Media & Telecom

As an entrepreneur within the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector, you find yourself in a dynamic environment where fast and innovative developments follow each other in quick succession. This has an impact on your company. Yet at the same time these developments also offer opportunities which, of course, you do not want to miss out on. In brief, being actively involved in the TMT sector throws up some serious challenges for passionate and inspired entrepreneurs.

Your challenges

The TMT sector throws up some serious challenges. Examples include:

  • Business and revenue models are under pressure. If you want to capitalise on your opportunities, you will need to subject your current models to a critical review. In addition, you will want to know how to apply your new business models with maximum effect.
  • How do you finance your company? And how do you maximise the value for a possible merger or takeover?
  • How will you handle the fast growth of your company, or indeed the contraction thereof?
  • Developments within the IT sector mean that you need to properly secure your data. You are in fact legally obliged to do so. Do you have a clear overview of the risks? And how can you ensure that your data and the information of customers are truly secured?

Yet how to tackle these challenges? We will be happy to assist you therein, thereby ensuring you capitalise on your opportunities.

Customised approach

The sector is widely oriented. In order to offer customised solutions, we have distinguished three subsectors which are each characterised by their own individual approach. For further information, click the subpage of the sectors.

  • Technology: companies such as cloud providers, hosting providers and data centres
  • Media: companies such as advertising companies and those in the gaming, radio, TV and film industries
  • Telecom: telecom providers and companies in the field of SMS gaming and services

Mazars understands your passion and challenges.

Mazars, the right choice for you

What can you expect from us:

  • We are a reliable party who will assist you in taking the right decisions;
  • We are creative and innovative thinkers, with a commercial reality check being a leading factor;
  • We speak the ‘same language’ and understand the different stages of life you live through as an entrepreneur;
  • We combine technological interest with commercial expertise;
  • We can hook you up with relevant parties and networks;
  • We integrate seamlessly with your dynamic operations;
  • All services under a single roof and available to you round the clock


The team

Mazars en Nederland ICT

U verdient een adviseur die uw sector kent en die uw ondernemerspassie voelt. Mazars en Nederland ICT begrijpen dat de ICT-branche met specifieke vraagstukken en uitdagingen te maken krijgt. Door hun krachten te bundelen, kunnen zij u helpen bij uw uitdagingen en, samen met u, werken aan het realiseren van uw ambities.

Innovatiebox en WBSO

Innovatie is voor de Nederlandse kenniseconomie van doorslaggevend belang. De Nederlandse overheid wil innovatie dan ook graag stimuleren. Daarom zijn er enkele fiscale stimuleringsmaatregelen in het leven geroepen, waaronder de innovatiebox.

International Advertising Association

De International Advertising Association (IAA) is opgericht in 1938 en is dé internationale branchevereniging voor mensen in de marketingcommunicatie. Een platform met inspirerende activiteiten voor iedereen die zich in het vak interesseert.


The technology sector has many faces. Hard-core internet or sale of security? Provider of network management or supplier of fiber? It doesn’t matter. There is one common thread: development.