Payroll and Human Resources administration

Proper payroll and personnel administration requires the necessary knowledge, time and energy. In addition to routine work such as payroll processing, wage administration and drawing up contracts, your organisation will be faced with reports, deductions, payments to e.g. the Tax and Customs Administration and legislation and regulations that are subject to continuous change. The specialists of Mazars can support your organisation, thereby ensuring that your payroll and personnel administration is organised efficiently.



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Verruiming van de stimuleringsmaatregelen voor (duurzame) innovatie in 2020 _ Page.png

Broadening the incentives for innovation in 2020

3 October 2019 - On Prinsjesdag, the Cabinet announced the Budget Memorandum for 2020. An important conclusion from the Budget Memorandum and the budget for Economic Affairs and Climate is that the government is focusing more on an ambitious climate policy, the transition to a sustainable and secure energy supply, a future-proof innovation policy and the acceleration of the digitisation of our economy. In all these areas there are also opportunities for companies to solve social challenges.

Belastingvoordelen voor elektrische auto’s periode 2020 - 2025 _ Page.png

Tax benefits for electric cars in 2020-2025

3 October 2019 - The tax benefits for electric cars will continue to exist in the coming years. Until 2025 no motor vehicle tax will be payable on an electric car. As of 2020, the contribution to the taxable income for company electric cars will increase. Despite this increase, the additional tax rate for electric cars will still be lower than for petrol and diesel cars.