Due to increasing growth, complexity and regulations, internal audit is in great demand. Do you need support in arranging an internal audit function? Do you have an internal audit function, but does it not keep up enough with the development of your company? Is the internal audit not sufficiently supported by the management? The experts of Mazars are happy to advise you.

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Our tailor-made service

Our organisation is too small to maintain an effective in-house internal audit function. We are looking for a partner to do this and to bring specific expertise to the table.

An effective internal audit function with Mazars as co-sourcing partner. We arrange tailor-made and flexible co-sourcing with an excellent 'cost-benefit’ to the client.

Our organisation has grown further, for instance by foreign acquisitions. We are considering setting up an internal audit function and are looking for advice on how to proceed.

Based on organisational size, strategy, risk profile, governance, and culture, we produce a tailor-made advice whether an internal audit function is of added value to your organisation and how this can be arranged.

Although our organisation is changing rapidly, the internal audit function is at a stand-still. The working field is limited to finance and compliance.

Based on an organisational and stakeholder analysis, we present a plan for the transformation of internal audit with a broader scope.

I am responsible for internal audit, a brand-new role within our organisation. At a management level, there is much resistance, because they do not see the added value. How do I deal with this?

Setting up an internal audit function that does not suit the culture of the organisation is hard. It requires change management. We can be its coach.

The Audit Committee is asking for an independent review of the internal audit function.

Quality review based on expectations of stakeholders and international standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

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Herziene Corporate Governance Code

De Corporate Governance Code bevat principes en best practice bepalingen over de governance van beursvennootschappen. De herziene Corporate Governance Code - van toepassing vanaf 2017 - vraagt om versterking van risicomanagement en de interne audit functie.