Risk management

Enterprise and risk go hand in hand. Each day, you may face new challenges. Sometimes a great opportunity, sometimes a threat to the achievement of your goals. You accept some risks, but you will want to avoid others or manage those better. In order to make a responsible choice, you need an insight into what might be coming your way and how to deal with it.

Mazars uses knowledge from its extensive experience in setting up an adequate risk management process. Together with your internal stakeholders, we identify your organisation's most important risks ('Top 10') and then formulate tailor-made management measures and action plans to mitigate these risks, appropriate to your risk tolerance. In addition to understanding the risks, our approach also aims to promote risk awareness and risk management competence within your organisation for sustainable improvement.

Project and programme risks

Are you working on a major change project and do you lack a risk assessment in the project approach? We facilitate a pragmatic risk assessment of the project and help you with the integration of risk management into project management. Effective risk management in projects and programmes contributes to the achievement of set project objectives.

Integrity risks

Have you recently been confronted with fraud and would you like to gain insight into the integrity risks your organisation is running? Or are you, as a financial institution, obliged to carry out a Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis (SIRA) and are you looking for a party to help you with this? Mazars has extensive experience in providing insight into integrity risks within (financial) institutions. Together with you, we facilitate or review a SIRA. We use the outcome to advise you on how to improve your internal control of integrity risks in a proportionate manner.

Strengthening risk management process 

As an entrepreneur, you have been managing your implicit and explicit risks for years. Your company's risk profile is growing and you have already experienced a number of incidents. You wonder whether risk management functions adequately within your organisation. Have risks been made sufficiently explicit in your management cycle and decision-making processes? Based on your strategy, organisational culture, governance and assessment of your current risk management activities, we present a plan to develop a structured and integrated risk management process. If required, the plan is based on COSO-ERM or ISO 31000. In doing so, we develop the competencies to keep risk management alive in the organisation by involving managers and employees in the project approach.

Monitoring operational and compliance risks 

You have insufficient control over the operational processes and compliance and need to strengthen and structure internal control. By setting up a risk control framework, we provide a structured picture of the risks you run, related to the process or compliance objectives, how these are managed and which improvements are needed. This approach enables you to continuously monitor internal control and make adjustments where necessary. We include management in the approach because ownership is essential for success. We work together with the Data Analytics & Insights team at Mazars to investigate whether the use of data analysis techniques can be helpful in this respect. We like to enrich ourselves and continuously learn from new forms of risks we encounter in various sectors and processes.