Culture & change

How do you achieve efficient processes and reliable performance in a dynamic world that demands, above all, creativity and flexibility? How do you ensure compliance and stimulate enterprise? How do you get insight and grip on 'soft controls', when you realise that 'hard controls' alone are insufficiently effective?

Knowledge and experience teach us that a good organisational culture is the basis for a healthy company and sustainable success. 'Business for Good', as we call it. But what is a 'good' organisational culture? And can undesirable' expressions of the prevailing culture change?

Analysis of the organisation culture 

You feel that your employees' entrepreneurship has gradually been stifled by too many procedures and instructions. You may be worried about openness in the workplace. Do your people still speak up to each other? We provide you with insight into the current organisational culture in the form of a quick scan or a more detailed analysis and we facilitate decision-making on possible improvements.

Guiding the embedding of the code of conduct 

Would you like to review the code of conduct or introduce a new code in an effort to shape integrity and ethics within your organisation? Together with you, we will set up a change programme aimed at 'people, methods and means', always in conjunction, at every step of the way. In order to influence people's ethical behaviour in a sustainable way, we help anchor the change in the organisational culture. We do this, for example, by conducting interviews at all levels of the company and providing feedback in a workshop or management meeting.

Assessing the balance of hard and soft controls 

Would you like to pay more attention to so-called soft controls? At the moment, you may be relying heavily on rules and procedures (hard controls). It may be possible to create more room for the creativity and flexibility of your employees by removing rules and strengthening the company's core values (soft controls). We offer insight into the current balance and can advise you on possible improvements.

Managing strateg implementation 

Together with you, we make visible the causal relationships between your financial goals, the added value for your clients, your distinctive competencies and work processes and your (necessary) learning and growth efforts. The strategy chart in which we record those is an effective tool to communicate on your strategy and to monitor the progress of implementation.

Safety or compliance management 

Is it necessary in your industry to demonstrably and systematically improve your safety or compliance performance? Do you want your company to learn more quickly and more effectively from incidents? In that case, closing the 'Plan-do-check-act' (PDCA) cycle may no longer be enough. We can help you define and realise step-by-step growth by professionalising your safety or compliance management.

Innovating the audit methodology 

Is your Internal Auditor not (yet) paying enough attention to the value of a healthy organisational culture? Does your auditor investigate the root cause of a deviation from the rules or standard? We can support your Internal Auditor in setting up an audit methodology in which explicit attention is paid to culture and soft controls. If you wish, we can also train your IA teams to become familiar with this new working method.