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Jessica Boekhoudt

Personal quote / vision

It’s time for a new approach to doing business. I’m passionate about guiding organizations to a (more) sustainable way of doing business. I focus on inspiring, engaging and activating people within my own and other organizations to make a positive impact.

Specialized experience

  • In my role, I focus on developing sustainability strategies through materiality analysis and stakeholder engagement
  • Responsible for external reporting, both financial (IFRS, RJ) and non-financial (GRI, CSRD)
  • With a specific focus on the EU Green Deal, I concentrate on the reporting requirements as established in CSRD and the EU taxonomy
  • As a Chartered Accountant (RA), I provide both financial and non-financial information and offer training and workshops

Specific customer experience 

  • My work focuses on promoting diversity in both small and large companies, with a special focus on non-profit organizations

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